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The website is a website with information about running in Iceland. Results, race calendar, articles, pictures, shop and many other things. In this tiny English version you will find a mixture of English and Icelandic but hopefully enough English to be able to find what you are looking for. More material will be added and translated to English later.


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Karen Goranson Karen Goranson
4.7.2017 16:41:07

I am wondering if you will be posting pictures from the Reykjavik Suzuki Midnight Sun Run from June 23, 2017? 

Thank you! 
Martin Brunken Martin Brunken
2.1.2019 10:19:50
I like to join a race in Iceland in June this year. Snäfellsjokull-race would be a nice one. Could you send me the date an how to do a registration to this race.
Thanks a lot
Martin E. Gallagher Martin E. Gallagher
16.1.2019 01:56:56
Looking to buy photo lau2012-056v.jpg
Torfi Leifsson Torfi Leifsson
17.1.2019 20:24:11
Hello Martin. 

Please send me a mail to I do not know where to send the picture.

Best rgds, Torfi
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